One Day in the Life of Islay Keen

Short Story Islay Keen stays in the city. She has two children. A girl and a boy. The boy is plumb. The girl is thin. The girl is artistic. The boy, a mathematics wizard. She sends them by private auto to the school which contain a few other children from the same school. The childrenContinue reading “One Day in the Life of Islay Keen”

Adventures of Subrato-Part-3

SUBRATO had a good friend at college. His name was Naseer. He was his roommate in the G.C. Hostel. Naseer was from Bangladesh hailing from Bhairab area near Meghna river. He was tall and of medium complexion and was smart. While rising up in the morn, he will address in his funny Shakespearean way, ‘thouContinue reading “Adventures of Subrato-Part-3”

Dreamer and the Cook-Part-3

At that point, it happened that she wound up downcast, meandering in Venice, taking the gondolas and going to Santa Marco frequently and to the business sectors, Grand Canal and Libraria aqua Alta, boats and bathtubs and again those alleyways…He was the right hand of a virtuoso and after this, he had a fathomless enthusiasmContinue reading “Dreamer and the Cook-Part-3”