A Verlängerter Affair

A Verlängerter Affair

Some experiences connected with Wien Hbf (Hauptbahnhof) and my boyhood years, where my mother and a character named Manfred Brucker played a significant part. You may wonder how the famous coffee came to the scene. That is the whole intent of the story. The time corresponds to my primary junkets through Europe and the memory of these trips lingers. I was a boy of thirteen and was studying in the ninth standard in the B.E. school that was close to an interjunction of five roads near a C.S.I. church and many students of our class stayed in the hostel near the church. I got a star for a large number of works those works of art that everyone appreciated. He kept in touch with me a little further and was enduring a sickness of the spirit at that point and Dr Hough warned that was perhaps admissible but declined to pass an indisputable verdict and the multitudinous things got away from his notice. In the advanced years, his child was a transformation of the refined man and had my first Verlängerter coffee—which was a great start of my later career in the beverage business. In the last stage, he was incapacitated. His remains were put on the shores after going to M—beach where such things took place according to the custom of his local area. This is absolutely about another person. Her friend another medical lady was a sage-like presence even though another chatterbox in the hospital misinterpreted her moves. I further recall that I had once a film whether the child of this lady and recollect that he was very entertaining and telling the wisecracks which was another experience for me. He knew all the assortment of jokes and some were very good ones. Never talk to strangers, I remembered my mother words. They cannot be trusted. But my father gave me a piece of different advice- ‘’vous devez parler à des inconnus. alors seulement tu grandiras dans la vie’’ [you have to talk to strangers. Only then will you grow up in life] He said more than once –You must plunge into the strange if you want to grow, or you will be destined to be a poorer version of yourself. See the difference of man among other species and mark what slants separate her and tug on it, but always be kind. You are a fool if you over judge- Be kind-And my mother’s move to Vienna among patients and the wounded in the War. I visited Wachau with Manfred Brucker who was almost the same age as me but he was stronger and taller than me. The spot was between Melk and Krems radiant with apricots and vineyards with a perceptual realm of enormous slopes and girdled by hefty fortifications. We meandered in the grape plantations, plant porches, the winegrowers’ farmsteads, which are elliptical comprising two equal structures, dating back to the late Middle Ages. 

Manfred was the son of my mother’s co-worker Brigitta and his dad worked in Budapest. As his name sounded, he joined two things, harmony and scaffolds. Every weekend he made his journey to Budapest with his mom to see his dad. In the meantime, Manfred had a brief conference with the vineyard manager, a corpulent aged gentleman who served in the World War in important positions. He narrated stories in the short time frame we got sitting in a café. My first view of the River Danube befalls in this season. The entirety of Upper Austria matched a little flash of heaven. Except for my mom’s transit to that spot, I couldn’t ever have seen it. Something equally relevant is how we went to a theatre in Vienna to see Summer of ’42. His mom was a medical caretaker and he welcomed me to their home, however, I proved unable. Just a lot further down the road could I realise his greeting, however in the meantime his mom died and I could only see his aged papa who sustained severe cognitive decline, because of an infection in the cerebrum. Earlier he had composed songs and was a fairly well-known writer, yet when in his later life on the off chance that someone presented his poems he would ask, who composed this and in case that person told his name, he would ask, who that gentleman is.


(Excerpt from a Fictional Work]

Tales from Innsbruck

Tales from Innsbruck

Short Story


Give me some space and a pickaxe. I will give you a nursery. He talked that way. Since I didn’t have soil and pickaxes, it wasn’t destined to be repassed . We were on our lengthy drive through the Austrian landscape . I have crossed to these zones in every one of the conditions, with a poke of Euros and without propelling  fagging about the following dinner. This was before my wedding whenever I had that uncommon chance to trail with a fine woman and traveller. Furthermore, that story I will describe elsewhere , yet this story isn’t that. It is the story of my most prominent experience as a vocalist with some of the craziest colleagues I had met .

For convenience I will present my old buddy as Renéltte Ognjen

though the last piece of his terminology escapes my tongue, having been raised in a totally different land and culture. Maybe I need to rehearse hours to pronounce his name property, that being said the highlight and inflection will not be correct. That is certifiably not a major issue. My distant uncle could for the duration of his life probative his significant other from Scotland yet they had a decent hitched life and memory, both are no more. This uncle used a contracted structure at last to both the accomplice’s appreciation. Be that as it may, my overall perspective on things, subsequent to seeing numerous relationships of my mates and family members and nephews and nieces and even myself, is that we assert on the unimportant things in wedded life and less careful of major strands. Look, I am digressing from the essential content, excuse me…We strolled along through the expansiveness and length of the town…..The climate was charming when I arrived at Innsbruck. April’s average temperature of 9°C sprawls exactly in between the annual low of -1°C in January and the annual high of 19° in July. The weather became warmer day after day. I came once again in the presence of the river that touched St. Moritz,Scuol, Landeck, Innsbruck,Wörgl, Kufstein, Rosenheim, Schärding, Passau etc. Yesterday’s was foggy but today things are brighter. The time frame before harvest is turbid to be the dreariest season. We were initially three travellers. We had come that day from Graz. The third person SW- – wearing cowboy jeans and smoked the Cuban stogie which he bought from another station . SW- grinned regularly in a flirtatious tone which his darling showed. The lady smiled playful,. the fragile earthy coloured gown was waving in the hurricane. The woman’s portrayal. She wore silver rings on toes and fingers. ‘You don’t discover numerous scenes that are amusing here’  SW- – told. The Italian minister removed his cassock and  kept it on the wooden scaffold at the corner. ‘What an awkward season when I came’ . SW – muttered, for he came two months ago and it was cold and he recollected some of the frozen ice in his eyes and his torso shrank in chill.- – told the influenced toe that solitary SW- – could go. Man are you into additional sleeps.

The mountaineer had quite recently shown up from his trip from the upper Alps. He left his two voyaging colleagues in Salzburg and the individuals will go to their farm in the hinterlands. He was engaged in Heraclitus  among these . Also, the difference was a Jungian attempting to copy the style of the clinician pulling out into his TOWER yet he was not intrigued. He looked outside the coal shoveler’s saw the group’s body as shadows. The station was dull and it was the last train and they missed the last train from—run and they all left. They needed to wait for a few hours and it was too difficult to even think about getting a train and it was difficult to tarry. 

I had my entrance, Ms.Callet recited in melody. When she spoke the room reverberated and she probably knew. She had that attitude, experiment, change as you progressed and was totally oblivious of others’ opinions. She was an actor. She  voiced word after word in clarity as if she were rehearsing a future role. When she spoke, few differed and it seemed that they were captivated by her persona rather than her ideas .I had my coach’s secretary call me. She was my schoolmate and the college in the state in the sea shore town where I was the friend of the writer nicknamed Pedro the facetious individual and  Soho who came to my home and remained and we both ventured out in front of tracts above windmills full-time away there.

Then, at that point the woman said she had a green kimono in the closet which she took from the colossal assortment of things in her handbag. Her keister consisted of the multitude of things that she had amassed in the excursions. She said that she wanted to surrender it quickly. At the point when SW– inquired. Tomorrow, she said and added in her mother tongue, Slovene, ‘conceivably tomorrow’. The snow hid in the background, and the little furnishings were unkempt. The boy showed up and when the couple sat tight for the room dispensed that evening, he came to with the modest declaration that the room was prepared. on the fourth floor, the kid said. Also, he added-“Sir the lift isn’t working”. What’s more, SW- who had the propensity for talking finally and stopping after every expression and investigating the audience into their eyes for additional signals didn’t articulate anything this time. Shortly the couple left. Furthermore, the kid showed up. The respectable man stinks of alcohol, the kid declared. – ‘Don’t have any desire to serve anyone who drinks. I might want to be in the organization of non-drinkers“. The kid was perfecting virtues one item a week. He talked. Perhaps I will go to Cologne this late spring to complete my work. The kid had the propensity for visiting hallowed places each year. He had been in the lodging industry for as far back as three years. He had changed the lodging multiple times in this span. He showed the photos. They were photograph black and white with my old cartridge camera which my father introduced on my birthday. Which birthday, SW– posed, an apparently improper inquiry, as the woman later revealed to us both when we shared red wine and chaotically in the next week. She had a duplicate of one of Fitzgerald. A sad author, the SW- in plain bout of witter. More nostalgic than genuine. ‘Not my view,’ – I meddled . He continued – I like Jack London folks- You should carry on with life to an immense degree to connect and realize the core.

The kid was 5 feet nine inches and wore hazel shoes and suede and said that he would not like to serve the alcoholics. He had high aspirations throughout everyday life and he said that he frequently imagined that his life was not advancing to the levels he anticipated. 


Came to Austria to see my coach. My mentor, 72 years of age, a retired individual who served in Vienna after World War-2. He, associated with the enhancements of the rail line, finally left as an engineering advisor . Towards the end of his profession, when there was just five years to resign, he found a new life of freedom, a wilful superannuation. He went toward the South. At that point his work was in Vienna and he went to stay with his child in the subalpine region by Danube His child wedded a distant cousin and they have two children, a boy and a young lady. My passage moved toward him and shaped a little tummy, which is an improbable sight taking everything into account. Since I met him, he has been mindful so as to keep his body in reasonable condition. 

… . 

The other explorer turned out to be a mountain dweller, and he kept severe controls throughout everyday life, in practically every one of the circles. He was notwithstanding being late to ascend in the first part of the day. His main concern was the pug. He kept his tones and he had briefly given him under the care of cousin and appeared to be somewhat stressed over the matter. Be that as it may, he was by all accounts restored after we ate and a quart of red wine at eight evening at the inn’s salon.


  • (From Fiction in progress)

Shoemaker and Apprentice -2

Shoemaker and the Apprentice

Short Story – Part–2

His mother was sick that day so the apprentice could not go to the shoemaker’s store. And the boy requested a day off. With great irresolution, the shoemaker gave it. ‘You must meet me at the party lounge anyway. I have a carton to transfer to home. Will you not?’ he asked. The boy replied in the affirmative. ‘ 7 pm’ – He said. And the apprentice went to the N.N. Hospital with his mother. The mother had to be administered sedation. She had some fluctuations in sodium levels. She behaved oddly. earlier she had some fluctuations in her potassium levels. That time she behave differently still. ‘Keep the Bible in the auto-rickshaw’, she instructed the boy. She was not completely alright. Her moods change. The boy thought- after the frequent sickness, her views of life are changing . Was it a change? Maybe. Mother was disinclined to talk. After papa’s passing, she was not performing fit for some interval. Earlier she was not much into religious things. She was born a Christian and baptised in childhood. His father was Hindu. Theirs was a love marriage. And his father was a  driver by profession. When he died in an accident, mother became lonely . Even then she did not read religious books. Her colleagues were Lara and Alicia, her neighbour who she called Liz. They were good mates.

She wrote to her only brother in Singapore  so that the boy’s education could be competed. The schools in the nearby areas  ask big donation which they cannot have the wherewithal for. Education is a sweeping business. And sometimes, the people who are operating them don’t have the basic education. They can not even speak properly. Once he was interviewed by one of the heads. They think that money can buy everything. Some people think that when they have money they are even above manners. Some have that infamous gawp that the whole world has taken a loan from them. Not all the rich, but some. She wrote a letter to her only brother in Singapore so that the boy’s education could be completed. The boy’s elder sister is wedded to a man in the gulf region. And the couple comes only once in two years for a short visit. The brother in Singapore did not reply. Instead, his wife called the neighbour’s house landline. As they did not have a landline phone, the sister in law shouted in the other landline number. She said- ‘Don’t trouble us with your complaints. How old is the boy?’ . ‘Nine’ – She said. “He can work and eat.” The sister in law bawled over the phone. The neighbour is a good lady, a brunette from Innsbruck. She looked at her sympathetically. The neighbour did not say anything. She just took a warm gander. The next week the boy got work in the shoemaker’s shop. His mother was a charwoman. The boy decided. He will work hard and be affluent and do some good activities in life. You know, maybe all the charwoman’s sons can’t become Albert Camus. Still, they all can strive towards excellence on some level. If a puppy can lick and show love to its caretaker, man can beyond question, do better things other than engage in trouble. Yes, man can.